3M Yellow Polyimide Electrical Insulation Tape 5419


  • Yellowish Translucent polyimide made film that backed with silicone adhesive tape with characteristics of extremely unique and low electrostatic discharge properties. 
  • Electric insulating property is available in non-standard slit rolls, customized shape or sheets. 



  • Polyimide film does not get soften in above room temperature. Therefore, the film is excellence for use on surfaces at elevated temperature. 
  • Has characteristic of low electrostatic discharge at unwind and removal from PWB.
  • Can protect electronic products from conventional polyimide tapes which can normally generate up to 10,000 volts when in use that can damage board mounted electronic components. 
  • Has no common drawbacks such as ‘anti-static’ or ‘static-free’ 



  • Can be used to protect printed circuit boards during wave solder  or solder dip processes. 
  • Applicable as release surface in fabrication of parts cured at raised temperature.