3M™ Double Coated Urethane Foam Tape 4008 Off-White


  • Double coated tape with open cell urethane foam that provide high shear physical strength. 
  • Has thick foam that helps for ‘gap-filling’ application.
  • Solvent resistant. 



  • Flexible foam that fills gaps and help to bond tape to irregular or uneven surfaces.
  • High shear adhesive with great temperature resistance.
  • Durable foam tape that is recommended to be used internally. 
  • Offers bonding solutions to variety of surfaces.



  • Excellent to be used internally where the tape will not be exposed to environment.
  • Ideal for application such as mounting interior signs, nameplates, dispensers, air fresheners.
  • Also great for bonding acoustic panels to wall as well as electronics application where a thicker foam tape is needed.